Automobile Paint Oven Transport

Loading : Burgos, Spain
Delivery : Gemlik,Turkey
Cargo : Automobile Paint Oven Transport

Steel Mold Transport

Loading : Leipzig, Germany
Delivery : Istanbul,Turkey
Cargo : Steel Mold Transport

Steel Frames Transport

Loading : Adana, Turkey
Delivery : Athens, Greece
Cargo : Steel Frames Transport

Steel Frames Transport

Loading : Izmir, Turkey
Delivery : Katowice, Poland
Cargo : Steel Frames Transport

Heating Unites Transport

Loading : Merelbeke, Belgium
Delivery : Ankara,Turkey
Cargo : Heating Unites Transport

Air Dryer Skid Transport

Loading : Poznan, Poland
Delivery : Konya,Turkey
Cargo : Air Dryer Skid Transport

Air Cooler Bundle Transport

Loading : Vien, Austria
Delivery : Kocaeli,Turkey
Cargo : Air Cooler Bundle Transport

Freeze Dryer Machine Transport

Loading : Svendborg, Denmark
Delivery : Izmir,Turkey
Cargo : Freeze Dryer Machine Transport

Train Chasis Transport

Loading : Ankara,Turkey
Delivery : Astana, Kazakhstan
Cargo : Train Chasis Transport

Cool Bunker Transport

Loading : Izmir,Turkey
Delivery : Tblisi, Georgia
Cargo : Cool Bunker Transport

Flue Filter Transport

Loading : Arnhem, Netherlands
Delivery : Moscow, Russia
Cargo : Flue Filter Transport

Fiberglass PipeTransport

Loading : Sakarya, Turkey
Delivery : Vilnius, Lithuania
Cargo : Fiberglass PipeTransport

Steam Boiler Transport

Loading : Bischofshofen, Austria
Delivery : Kocaeli, Turkey
Cargo : Steam Boiler Transport

Cnc MachineTransport

Loading : Göteborg,Sweden
Delivery : Ankara,Turkey
Cargo : Cnc MachineTransport

Turbine Transport

Loading : Ankara,Turkey
Delivery : Ufa, Russia
Cargo : Turbine Transport

Cryogenic Storage Gas Tank Transport

Loading : Bursa,Turkey
Delivery : Andenes,Norway
Cargo : Cryogenic Storage Gas Tank Transport

Loader Transport

Loading : Izmir, Turkey
Delivery : Kiev, Ukraine
Cargo : Loader Transport

Wooden Cable Pulley Transport

Loading : Bozuyuk, Turkey
Delivery : Berlin, Germany
Cargo : Wooden Cable Pulley Transport

Loading : Dordrecht, Holland
Delivery : Eskişehir, Turkey
Cargo : Container Transport

Military Truck Transport

Loading : Edirne,Turkey
Delivery : Warsaw,Poland
Cargo : Military Truck Transport

Press Machine Transport

Loading : Konya, Turkey
Delivery : Port Of Novorossiysk, Russia
Cargo : Press Machine Transport

Wheat Silo Transport

Loading : İstanbul,Turkey
Delivery : Almaty, Kazakhstan
Cargo : Wheat Silo Transport

Harvester Transport

Loading : Lindenhof,Germany
Delivery : Mersin,Turkey
Cargo : Harvester Transport

Transformator Transport

Loading : Balıkesir, Turkey
Delivery : Gallivare, Sweden
Cargo : Transformator Transport

Crane Boom Section Transport

Loading : Kristiansand, Norway
Delivery : Yalova,Turkey
Cargo : Crane Boom Section Transport

Boat Transport

Loading : Gdynia, Poland
Delivery : Istanbul,Turkey
Cargo : Boat Transport

Heavy Transport and Industrial Equipment Transportation is the process of lifting, transporting and delivering equipment, machinery or structures in the category larger than the standard sizes (Over Long x Over Wide x Over High and Over Weight) produced by the heavy industry.
Here are some examples of SD-C Taşımacılık A.Ş. Specialized in Heavy Transport and Industrial Equipment Transportation team and equipment for you from all over Turkey to all European and CIS countries, from European and CIS countries to Turkey:

- Agricultural Machinery (Tractor, Agrimotor, Combine Harvester, Forage Harvester, Grain Silo, Grinder Mill) Transport
- Heat and Steam Boiler, Dryer machinery, Gas and Oil Tank, Transformator Transport
- Vagon and Chassi, Locomotive, Railway, Mining Equipment, Mining Equipment, Wind Power Plant Equipment, Iron and Steel Sheet, Block and Frame Transport
- Crane (Tower Crane, Overhead Crane, Mobile Crane) Transport
- Drilling Machinery Transport
- Construction machinery (Backhoe Loader, Excavator / Digger, Breaker Machinery) Transport
- CNC Machinery, Hydraulic Press Machinery Transport
- Shipyard Equipment, Yacht & Boat, Sightseeing Boat Transport
- Mobile Houses (Container & Tiny Houses) Transport
- Conveyors, Industrial Air Conditioning Machinery, Industrial Furnace Transport
- Pulley for Cables and Steel Belt Transport
- Iron, Steel and Fiberglass Pipe Transport
- Tactical Rubber Wheeled and Continuous Track (Pallet) Vehicle, Construction Machinery; Transport
- and other Heavy and Oversize Cargo Transport.

SD-C Haulage organizes, manages and performs the processes of transportation and delivery to the point of your request, by a zero problem policy! All the necessary Heavy Transport (Oversized Transport) in the country of loading, transit countries and delivery country, we determine and organize the appropriate lifting equipment and loading, we determine the appropriate vehicle type, we create the healthiest route.