In addition to its strategic location, dynamic population, developed infrastructure and industry, Turkey is also a prominent country in the field of Heavy Transport and Oversize Transport. SD-C Haulage Co.; It offers its customers reliable, fast, competitive and effective solutions for deliveries from all regions of Turkey to 39 countries in Europe and Asia, with its experienced teams in Heavy Transport and Oversize Transport and its vehicles and equipment complying with international standards. SD-C Haulage Co. is focused on trust, competition and growth in the field of Heavy Transportation and Oversize Transportation services, which are the driving force of the Turkish industry in principle, It attaches great importance to the loading, driving and delivery safety of the loads we carry, All Heavy Transportation and Oversize Transportation we carry out our operations at high standards…
Our services from Turkey to all of Europe and Asia.

Military Truck Transport

Loading : Edirne, Turkey
Unloading : Miroslawiec, Poland
Cargo : Military Truck Transport

Crane Boom Transport

Loading : Swidnica, Poland
Unloading : Yalova, Turkey
Cargo : Crane Boom Transport

Automobile Paint Oven Transport

Loading : Burgos, Spain
Unloading : Gemlik, Turkey
Cargo : Automobile Paint Oven Transport

Hydraulic Winch Transport

Loading : Rogaland, Norway
Unloading : Antalya, Turkey
Cargo : Hydraulic Winch Transport